“A Rip Roarin’ River Run!” Quest Guide (CoasterVille)

CoasterVille: “A Rip Roarin’ River Run!” Quest Guide

What are Marty and Hank preparing ? They had an idea for a great new custom attraction!

Their collaboration is a guarantee  for us, will come out something amazing!

The Codiac River Rapids will go crazy our visitors! Come on let’s do it and help them, then we can experience the adventure too!!


 Marty: “Hank and I were talking and we’ve come up with a great idea for a new custom attraction!”

“Timberrrrrr!” Quest 1-6

Quest Tasks

  1. Ask Friends for 6 Woodlogs
  2. Collect 300 Thrill Points
  3. Craft 4 Woodworking Kits


Woodworking Kits crafting:


Marty: “We’re off to a great start! But we’re going to be in ariver of hurt if we don’t have everythong we need!”

“River Run Basics” Quest 2-6

Quest Tasks

  1. Ask Friends for 5 Coaster Expansions Kits
  2. Collect 2 Inspirations (Visit Friends)
  3. Boost Attractions 8 Times


Marty: “I love what Hank’s done with the Frontier Theme. Let’s make sure our ride operators look the part, too!”

“Rock and/or Roll” Quest 3-6

Quest Tasks

  1. Ask Friends for 4 Limestone Blocks
  2. Use 2 Log Boats
  3. Collect 100 Goods


Log Boat crafting:


Marty: “Great work laying a proper foundation. Now let’s get this sucker built!”

“Turning the River On” Quest 4-6

Quest Tasks

  1. Build the Kodiak River Run
  2. Place 4 Decorations


Kodiak River Run buying:


Kodiak River Run 1st Expansion:


Hank: “The Kodiak River Run sure is a beaut! I can’t wait to get to work messin’ with it!”

A River Runs Through It” Quest 5-6

Quest Tasks

  1. Have 2 Expansions to the Kodiak River Run
  2. Collect 400 Thrill Points


Kodiak River Run 2nd Expansion:


Hank: “Just a few more tweaks should really get folks excited to ride!”

“Bridging the Gap” Quest 6-6

Quest Tasks

  1. Customize 1 Section of the Kodiak River Run
  2. Have 4 Expansions to the Kodiak River Run


Kodiak River Run customizing:


Kodiak River Run 3rd Expansion:


Kodiak River Run 4th Expansion:




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