“Jungle Kingdom Chapter 1 Part 1″ Quest Guide (CoasterVille)

CoasterVille: “Jungle Kingdom Chapter 1 Part 1″


Greetings Coasters,

New Theme has been Unloched! Jungle Kingdon has arrived with many missions & new attractions!!!

Fun to discover this new part of this Fantastic Game…

So explore the Jungle with the new character Elsa in search of adventure & prepare to create an exotic safari experience in your Park!

Theme Jungle

Jungle Kingdom First Map

Theme Jungle Part 1

Let’s start to explore this Exotic Jungle!

Theme Jungle Cover

“Unearthing the Ruins” Part 1-1

Quest Task

  • Place the Jaguar Temple Foundation

Theme Jungle 1-1

Jaguar Temple Foundation

Jaguar Temple Base


  • 1 Hospitality

Theme Jungle Reward 1-1



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