Learn how to get FREE Arabic decorations!


CoasterVille: “Learn how to get FREE Arabic decorations”

Until the release of the Beach Theme, within a short time we can find a new mission on the theme of Arabian Nights.déco-arabe-200

During these missions we can make decorations! We will no longer wait to discover the full details of these new quests!

 Have Fun Coasters!!!

Mission 1 of 5 – Towards the equator:

The spring equinox is a time of celebration. Get ready to party!

  • Retrieves brass plates to prepare the feast
  • Boosts both of attractions to entertain visitors
  • Away goods in anticipation of the spring equinox

Mission 2 of 5 – Spring Traditions:

The traditions of the spring equinox are now lost in the mists of time … the better we will be able to invent new ones, starting with the tasting pies!

  • Send pies for party tent
  • Retrieves corsets to make suits spring
  • Manufactures ironworking kits for the spring festival

Mission 3 of 5 – It will heat:

The days are getting longer, but I think this party is going to last all night.

  • Retrieves wool fleeces not to catch cold
  • Gets Inspirations to find original ideas
  • Manufactures disguise kits for guests

Mission 4 of 5 – The shadow of a doubt:

All events of our party will be organized according to the position of the sun in the sky. As is, no need for clock or watch!

  • Distributes sundial to hold the party
  • Gains cash from the entrance gate to announce your party to the visitors
  • Retrieves candles to celebrate the change of season

Mission 5 of 5 – Sunset:

Night is coming, cover us well.

  • Distributes wool coat to protect us from the cold of the night
  • Lights candles for party hard all night
  • Retrieves pairs of sunglasses to observe the first light of dawn

One of these decorations will win during these missions! We do not yet know very well that!





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