“The Critic of Theme Park Magazine” Quest Guide (CoasterVille)


CoasterVille: “The Critic of  Theme Park Magazine”

NOTE: This Quest appears after completing the Mission:Mr.Snickety Distraction

 Have you seen, the Theme Park Magazine, Dash Remington, selected Snickety Land as the Best Park of the Year?!

It seems really adamant even before the evidence, our attractions and our restaurants are excellent, Snickety Land can not hold a candle to.

There is certainly under a deception … it seems that Mr. Snickety has corrupted him in exchange for a room in one of his ultra-luxury hotels!

We absolutely have to expose this scam!


Kelly: “Have you seen the new issue of Theme Park Magazine? Critic Dash Remington is declaring Snickety Land the best new park!”

Dash Remington: “You rang? If you’re wondering why I chose Snickety Land over your park, it’s because everyone who’s anyone is talking about Snickety Land”.

Bridget: “In short, it is just an advertising matter? Our park is better than Snickety Land!

“Beat the Hype” Quest 1-5

Quest Tasks

  1. Boost 10 Attractions
  2. Earn 200 Coins
  3. Raise your Popularity to 675


Kelly: “What does hype have to do whit anything? Our park’s rides are just as good as any that Snickety Land has!”

“Go Gourmet” Quest 2-4

Quest Tasks

  1. Have a Hot Dog Stand
  2. Cook 2 Cowboy Stews
  3. Cook 2 Fests



Cowboy Stew cooking:


Feast cooking:


Dash Remington: “I’ll admit it. That Cowboy Stew WAS pretty good. But you won’t get me to change my mind!”

“The People’s Choice” Quest 3-5

Quest Tasks

  1. Restart Attractions 2 Times
  2. Ask Friends 5 Prize Monkeys
  3. Earn 600 Thrill Points


Dash Remington: “Fan favorite or not…Snickety Land still has may vote for best new park. And my vote is always right. See your later. Or not”.

“Bad Press” Quest 4-5

Quest Tasks

  1. Visit 6 Friends
  2. Get 4 Inspirations
  3. Collect from Hotel 2 Times


Kelly: “I’m going to call up Dash right now and see what he has to say for himself”.

Dash Remington: “Uh…Hello. I’d like to talk to you, but I’m too busy getting some amazing free say gelato from Snickety Land”.

“Getting a Third Opinion”

Quest Tasks

  1. Spend 2 Hospitality
  2. Craft 1 Train Whistle
  3. Get 6 Ice Cream (Search Ice Cream Stand)


Train Whistle crafting:


Dash Remington: “I’m um…s-sorry for maybe saying a few possibly less-than-true things about Snickety Land. I won’t take gifts from Mr. Snickety again. Promise.”

Mr. Snickety: “Confound you all! What is it going to take to get people to realize my park is superior! I’m through with you Dash, THROUGH!”

Kelly: “Wow, what a grumpy gus. He really needs to lighten up a bit. No wonder our park continues to draw in more guests!

After carrying out this quest you will see a new mission: ”The Safety Inspector Visit




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