“Trick out your Coasters” Quest Guide (CoasterVille)

CoasterVille: “Trick out your Coasters” Quest Guide

You thought it was impossible to create custom coasters even more fun, is not it?
Marty had a brilliant idea! We will expand all the roller coasters and take advantage of the bonus bringing new changes, but this will be not only beautiful to look at!
In fact, we will bring more benefits: new Thrill Points and increase the collection of any personal rollercoaster!
Why are we waiting? Follow it and let us advise on changes!


Marty: ”I’ll bet you thought custom coasters couldn’t get any more exciting. Hah! Wrong! Adding better payouts to custom coasters is the best idea since sliced breadtangles of pizza! This is one Dragon that doesn’t need to be tamed. Only customized to be even more fun!”

“Landing on a Comet” Quest 1-3

Quest Tasks

  1. Ask Friends Coaster Expandion Kits
  2. Customize a section of Comet coaster
  3. Have 2 Comet Bonus Sections


Comet segments customizing:


“Your Windstorm Stays On My Wind” Quest 2-3

Quest Tasks

  1. Have 4 Expansion on the Windstorm Coaster
  2. Customize a segment on the Windstorm coaster


Windstorm coaster customizing:


“Dragon Flight” Quest 3-3

Quest Tasks

  1. Ask Friends 6 Ride Operator Uniforms
  2. Have 4 Expansions on the Dragon coaster
  3. Customize 2 sections of the Dragon coaster


Dragon coster customizing:




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